Our Approach

Diagnose, Educate, Customize Treatment

  • Sexual dysfunction is a common problem that can affect men at any age. No matter when it occurs, it can be incredibly distressing to men and their partners. Our approach emphasizes taking the time to accurately diagnose the problem, educate men and their partners, and work as team to determine the best treatment plan for the individual or couple.
  • Finding a diagnosis is critical. At our practice, we believe every patient deserves a complete and compassionate assessment. Optimal treatment strategies rely on understanding the etiology of the condition.
  • Educating men and their partners to ensure they understand the biological mechanisms causing sexual dysfunction is a priority. This knowledge empowers patients to develop treatment goals. We believe teaching our patients makes treatments more effective and drastically improves patient and partner satisfaction.
  • Sexual dysfunction is a complicated field that typically requires multidisciplinary care. Each patient has unique concerns and will receive a customized treatment plan focused on their needs and goals.