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How Important is Sex in a Relationship?

As most of us know, a great relationship doesn’t start and end with sex. But a healthy sex life does form an integral part of it. In fact, almost 80% of men and 66% of women view sex as important to their relationships. And research shows that when one’s sex

A Sexual Renaissance After Cancer

The phases of a cancer diagnosis might be compared with those of dealing with the death of a loved one: denial, bargaining, anger, and eventually acceptance. Fortunately for many, there IS life after cancer. A sexual life too, that part of one’s life may have been put on the back-burner

Maintaining Sexual Vitality Through Menopause And Beyond

Leading researchers are urging the medical community to rethink how they treat patients who experience severe menopausal symptoms. Mache Seibel, MD., former 20-year veteran of Harvard Medical School faculty, editor of My Menopause Magazine and Professor of OB/GYN, University of Massachusetts –was inspired by his wife’s experience, and took it

Birth Control: Many Options in Today’s Landscape

Women have more choices than ever before when it comes to birth control: the Pill, the patch, IUDs. Technology and modern medicine continue to revolutionize the contraceptive landscape. A recent article in Time even shared developments on what could be the first microchip birth control. So, with so many options, how

The facts about secondary infertility

Every women that I talk to who is dealing with infertility is surprised to discover becoming pregnant may not be as easy as they expected. Some of my most surprised patients are those who already have a baby – and didn’t need fertility treatments the first time around. They’re dealing

Trying to conceive? Avoid personal lubricants.

I always tell women who are trying to become pregnant to have some fun. But one thing many couples reach for off the bedside table to increase pleasure may actually lower your chance of conceiving – personal lubricants.  A recent study found that some common lubricants found in stores may

Five Tips for a Better Sex Life

Get your new year started right with these five tips for a better sex life. 1. Commit to “date night” While I recommend once a week, that may not be practical for all couples. Date night doesn’t de facto mean “sex night.” It means getting out, just the two of

Get Your Sex Life Buzzing

Vibrators are often the punch line of the joke; the gag gift at the bridal shower or the cause of an embarrassing situation in a sitcom. But, the reality is, personal massagers are no joke. Vibrators can be an important part of a healthy sex life. Used alone or with

The Joy of Sex

I think we all know sex is, or should be, enjoyable. Then why do lawmakers insist on giving it a bad rep? Sometimes we’re the culprit, claiming food, coffee, shopping, dancing, or just about anything can be better than sex. And that seems to be the only time we’re not